morgan is a sweet, beautiful, caring girl. She is loving. She has a temper, but only if you get her mad! She usually has brown eyes, and brunette hair. She may think shes ugly, and stupid, when people really think shes beautiful and smart. Morgans are nice girls. and they are very athletic! Morgans may choose the wrong guys, but they always learn from their mistakes. Morgans are the best. Plus they know what people say, and think about them. Morgans also have beautiful eyes no matter what.
Brandon: I wish I had Morgan.
Joey: But you have a girl.
Brandon: But she's not anything like Morgan.
Sarah: Uggh I wish i was morgan!
Jenna: But why you have a guy?
Sarah: Because morgan knows what people think of her.
Jenna: Don't worry!
Morgan: I love being a morgan!
Taylor: Why?
Morgan: Cause it's who i am.
by babiegirl16 May 04, 2011
This person is knowledgeable in all areas of literature, grammar, and coloring in coloring books. This person will frequently correct your grammar. You can spot these people in coffee shops, book stores, or outside trying to catch butterflies.
M: Dawg, that girl is definitely a Morgan.
J: For sure. She's reading like twenty books.
M: Classic Morgan...
by whoelsecouldthisbe? July 11, 2010
She has Pillow Boobs! All women are jealous. Morgan is an amazing and beautiful girl. She has had every color hair. Dark, light, blonde, brown, purple. It's been all lengths too! But it looks best short, in a bob. She has eyes that look like they were tie-dyed green, hazel, and blue. She's got an amazing fashion sense. She's tall, stunning, amazing. She's got a great sense of humor, and loves older men. She's got an amazing voice. And she looses The Game, quite frequently.
by BimJelmazi July 10, 2010
The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He knows how to make you smile and laugh. Fun person to be with. Gives the best hugs and kisses. The most easy likable guy ever. Sweet, caring, nice, and sexy.
ayy boy holdin the girl

by mckayy21 August 02, 2010
a very cute boy that will love you forever. someone that loves you for who you are even when you ask weird questions that makes him laugh. which is the cutest laugh you'll ever hear. someone amazing.
"oh that boys such a morgan."
by emilymarie July 23, 2007
A girl who if you ever have the pleasure of meeting you'll walk away hoping it isn't the last time. Smart, bold, and always with a witty retort to make sure any conversation is interesting and a good time. Not only blessed with rare beauty, green eyes you can get lost in and a killer smile, but also a rare blend of modesty and confidence that is sooo attractive. She has great taste in movies, music, and clothes and loves sports, cuddling and long walks on the beach. She'll make you go crazy and stay around in ur head when she's not there, and you'll love every minute of it.
Wow, he's in a daze!" "Must be that Morgan" "Why did I even wonder?"
by Scarlett's Man May 16, 2011
The most amazing best friend anyone could have. Shes always there for you when you need her, even when it means getting herself into trouble. I don't know what I would do without her.
I'm so bored, I only wanna hang out with Morgan.

Who's that?
That's my best friend, Morgan. You should talk to her. She's pretty cool.
by -BN July 07, 2011

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