the most beautiful person in the world. she is so trust worthy. you will never forget what she looks like. she is so nice too. she is so amazing!! everyone says is is the pretiest.:)
stop trying to be like morgan! you cant be better than her!
by the pretty chick February 23, 2010
amazing in every way, and is the most intelligent girl in the world, on top of that she is the most sweetest and kindest girl you'll ever meet, and she makes you laugh all the time:) and every second with her is like heaven, even though those seconds go by very fast:(, every time a guy thinks of you at night he begins to cry because he doesn't wanna lose you, and every morning he wake up to the thought of you and it brightens the rest of his day:)
by nsandu2000 March 20, 2010
this term is used to describe beautiful girls that are kind of on the ditsy side but at the same time are a good person at heart. usually good looking and has a great sense of style. would do anything for anyone and always a joy to be around. never a dull moment and shes got the curves! huge boobs but everyone loves her. all the guys want her cause she is just totally awesome and all the girls are dying to be her friend cause she is just simply amazing.
tyler: woahhh that girl was awesome
zach: yeah she reminded me of morgan
tyler: yeah morg is wayyyy coool!!!
by mejmejx May 23, 2009
A sporty girl who's beautiful and a total player. She's looking for the right guy, but doesn't notice the hearts she's breaking along the way. She has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. When you meet a Morgan you're amazed because she has no stereotype. She's cool, hilarious, and all around a great person. You can trust her to keep your secrets, cheer you up, and have your back. She's weird in a cool way and makes a lot of friends with her humor. When you meet a Morgan cherish her. But watch out, you might fall for her. If you do and she isn't ready to catch you you're going to get hurt.

Can also be used as a Morgan Horse
Person 1 "Do you Know Morgan?"

Person 2 "Yea she's so funny! I wish I were like her!"
by Loomo February 22, 2010
morgan is a sweet, beautiful, caring girl. She is loving. She has a temper, but only if you get her mad! She usually has brown eyes, and brunette hair. She may think shes ugly, and stupid, when people really think shes beautiful and smart. Morgans are nice girls. and they are very athletic! Morgans may choose the wrong guys, but they always learn from their mistakes. Morgans are the best. Plus they know what people say, and think about them. Morgans also have beautiful eyes no matter what.
Brandon: I wish I had Morgan.
Joey: But you have a girl.
Brandon: But she's not anything like Morgan.
Sarah: Uggh I wish i was morgan!
Jenna: But why you have a guy?
Sarah: Because morgan knows what people think of her.
Jenna: Don't worry!
Morgan: I love being a morgan!
Taylor: Why?
Morgan: Cause it's who i am.
by babiegirl16 May 04, 2011
The name of a girl. I have no idea where it comes from, or what the hell it means. For the most part, many Morgan's i have encountered are good looking, hilarious, and great dancers. The only disadvantage to these girls is that they have bad knees.

but she's gorgeous, beautiful, and shes fast.
--Oh snap you see Morgan today?

-Yeah, she's lookin mighty fine.

--Agreed, too bad she's limpin around the fuckin school, i feel terrible.

-I know, they should put her crippled ass in a wheelchair and make it easier on her.
by habanschnookinlumskahsnooka March 18, 2009
a Morgan is the most beautiful girl in the world and when your holding one looking into her beautiful brown eyes you feel invincible because you know as long as you have your Morgan nothing could ever hurt you as long as she loves you. Morgans think they are ugly and stupid but they are the exact opposites. they are the kind of girls you'd do anything for just to see her smile even if only for a few seconds. everything you see in Morgan amazes you. when a Morgan laughs its the cutest little giggle anyone has ever heard its intoxicating. Morgan will write you a billion notes and even though they all say the same kind of thing, you still cant wait to get the next one because you know that she still hasn't stopped thinking your amazing too. Morgans are worth everything and more but they don't see it while everyone else does. Morgans are always pretty no matter with or without make up. when you have a Morgan you don't want to go to sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. I'm just lucky i have a Morgan and i suggest any single guy out there get one as well, you wont be disappointed!
Nick: Guess What?
Morgan: What?
Nick: Your Amazing!
Morgan: thanks babe but i dont think i am.
by Nick12.23.09 July 22, 2010
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