A sexy male Pirate always in search of BOOTY
"Captain Morgan stole my BOOTY!"
by darqness April 10, 2008
The most beautiful young girl you will ever lay your eyes on. Morgan has a beauty that nobody else even comes close to. She has beautiful eyes that make you melt. She is the kindest person you will ever meet and you will often find yourself always smiling when your around her. She is always trying to lighten the day up and she knows how to make someone smile. Morgan is a beautiful person, inside and out.
Woah look at morgan, she is so beautiful
by Pacificmiddleschool(: July 16, 2009
A 'Morgan' is a person of awesome character, charm and wit. A person who is exciting, sexy, alluring and whimsically comical.

Morgan is perfect and frustratingly captivating.
why aren't more guys like that Morgan!
by bodge09 October 07, 2009
a Morgan is the most beautiful girl in the world and when your holding one looking into her beautiful brown eyes you feel invincible because you know as long as you have your Morgan nothing could ever hurt you as long as she loves you. Morgans think they are ugly and stupid but they are the exact opposites. they are the kind of girls you'd do anything for just to see her smile even if only for a few seconds. everything you see in Morgan amazes you. when a Morgan laughs its the cutest little giggle anyone has ever heard its intoxicating. Morgan will write you a billion notes and even though they all say the same kind of thing, you still cant wait to get the next one because you know that she still hasn't stopped thinking your amazing too. Morgans are worth everything and more but they don't see it while everyone else does. Morgans are always pretty no matter with or without make up. when you have a Morgan you don't want to go to sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. I'm just lucky i have a Morgan and i suggest any single guy out there get one as well, you wont be disappointed!
Nick: guess what?
Morgan: what?
Nick: your amazing!
Morgan: thanks babe but i don't think so.
by Nick1223 July 22, 2010
An amazing ,outgoin , athletic girl. She loves to have fun and is always ready to party. Has excelent athletic skill. An extroidinary person who can make lots of freinds. Can be very sarcastic and is very funny. Although she's not the prettiest girl or the most popular ; she is very kind & caring. She is not afraid to stand out in a crowd or hang with the guys and get dirty. She is very down to earth and very independent.
Morgan is amazing.
by Pandora7 July 17, 2009
The name of a Boy/Girl that has something to do with water and has a high tolerance for alcohol. He/She very loving and can be there for there friends
That Morgan can swim like a fish

Man that Morgan just drinks and drinks

When why girlfriend dumped me Morgan was there
by Chops91 July 10, 2008
A Morgan is someone who is completley the bomb.. and everyone's jelous. She's super cute and like cool music! She's pretty much the coolest person in the whole world and Kate loves her and they're way overdue for some hang out time!
Morgan and Kate are going to chill, and that makes Kate happy =).
by Kate Reath July 13, 2006
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