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AN AMAZING GIRL WITH SWAG. a lot of ppl wish they cud be her. she always the "funny one" in her group of friends. usually a tomboy,hipster, edgy, or prep. people talk about her cuz they are jealous. she has amaaizing green or brown eyes and loovvves to partay. a lot of people uinderestimate her but she is actually very tough. mess with morgan, and you'll regret it. she also can be very classy, and mature in the right situation. she's hilarious. the guys love her. she is a leader. if you're friends with her, you are lucky, hold on to her and never let her go.
person: Dude, what am i gonna do?

Person 2: Go to Morgan, she can help.
by Jackie.love114 March 10, 2012

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