originaly a small alcove under stairs in bournmouth university, it is now used as a tearm for attractive men.
rosie:omg look at him behind the till.
steph:i know, what a moonbase.
by bea and may February 02, 2009
Top Definition
A base established on a moon. In particular, the two bases established by the Autobots on the two moons of Cybertron prior to Transformers: The Movie. Given the highly original names "Moonbase One" and "Moonbase Two" (!!), these were to be the base of operations for recapturing Cybertron from the Decepticons. They were meant to be secret, but the Decepticon Laserbeak was able to infiltrate them. Before any attack could be launched, the moons were devoured by Unicron.
Jazz: "Some ginormous planet-looking thing has just showed up in the suburbs of Cybertron"

Bumblebee: "And it's attacking Moonbase 1!"

(TransFormers: the Movie)
by Andy May 01, 2004
A vagina that is so barren it cannot support any life due to the constant assault by penile beings.
Dude your momma's got a Moonbase after I was finished with her last night!
by Seafood_Guru July 26, 2010
you see someone 'visually pleasing' walking down the road-and if youre feeling bold you can either shout 'moonbase' in their direction or say to someone 'oh! i was walking down the road and i saw a proper moonbase' provided they know what it means.
the phrase originated on the south coast of england.
(very hot man walks toward you)

'moonbase !!' you shout.
by iloveshampoo. October 14, 2008
A Rather Fetching Ethnic Male Of The Human Species
Person #1:Ohh See Adir Over There?
Person #2:Yes....
Person #3:He Is A Right Moonbase
by Stephanie&&Rosie&&Rory January 15, 2009
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