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a word that means to roll or GLIDE on a skateboard, specifically after kicking your leg forward and pushing backwards on the ground to propel the rider forward

cruising on a skateboard

....kick push kick push coast
-Lupe Fiasco's "Kick Push"
by ipod snatcher August 19, 2006
calm, relaxed, chill
Having no worries or troubles, I sat back in my chair, completely coast.
by Amanda C. February 19, 2008
to easily accomplish something or just relax
synonym for the word cruise
A 1st grader could have aced that test. I just coasted during the entire thing.
by jem2a says May 30, 2007
As a verb: To relax
As an adjective: To be relaxed and in a subtle and calm state of mind.
"How are you?"

"What are you doing?"
by Anonymous222kittykittylicklick December 31, 2009
It is a verb to describe when you are no longer drinking in a social situation since you have a buzz. When you have had enough you coast.
No thank I don't need another, I am coasting.
by cruzzy August 13, 2010
Coalition Opposed to All Spending and Taxes. An organization of rich, white Republican men scheming up new ways to pay as little tax as possible.
The Cincinnati Streetcar would be a great investment in the city. To bad COAST is trying to get the project canceled!
by oldpeter7up January 21, 2009
1. Literally, that part of a body of water that meets the shore.

2. Slang, a locale that has been cased, dating from the era of sea pirates.
1. The California shore meets the Pacific coast.

2a. The pirates left, so the coast is clear.

2b. The Navy left, so the coast is clear for pirating.

2c. We cased the joint, and the coast is clear.
by Downstrike October 23, 2005
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