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it's a particuly freaky sex move, for it to work you need a really fat person to sit on youre face and then fling you using only his/her ringer. to latch on the fatty will need to spin around.
G sus: 'ohhh i have broken my body, last night my obese whale of a girlfriend gave mr the spinning orb'

Nan: 'shit, thats the most dangerous move in the world.'
by bea and may March 08, 2009
fur was popular in the 1920's and in the stone age, people don't have fur naturally so why can't we just have other animals. that and it looks just fantastic.
if you take this veiw you are whats known as 'pro fur'.
hunter 'oh i say, the lepoards really are in full bloom this season'

other man 'ohhh i say, you really are very pro fur'
by bea and may March 09, 2009
when youfreaquently use youre hands to volumise youre hair in an upwards brushing motion.
originats from the french word for river.
man 1: god, that woman i see her everyday shes always fleuveing her hair.
man 2:yeah, but her hair sure does look dandy.
by bea and may February 02, 2009
named after the lesser known celebrity 'Slather B'gind gind' it is when youre hair or face is greasy or slicked back.
moe:eurgh, i look disgusting my hair is all b'gind gind.
oowahoo:i no, its crawling around in that oil thats done it.
by bea and may February 02, 2009
originaly a small alcove under stairs in bournmouth university, it is now used as a tearm for attractive men.
rosie:omg look at him behind the till.
steph:i know, what a moonbase.
by bea and may February 02, 2009
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