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The sweet ass dude that you can tell to say funny ass words and he says them in a really funny voice. You really need to try this. Its some funny shit.
-How To Get Microsoft Sam-
1.Click on Start
2.Click on Control Panel
3.Click on Speech
4.Type some funny shit and let him say it.
just copy and paste

1. I am Sam, Hear Me Roar, Bitch!
2. gdfgdhgidfghdfgiudfndfgopdfgdfnguidfuigigudfuigndfugnsdfgnpdggnuidfgdfngudfpggnuigpgnuidngdfnguidfnguidfgndgndfuigngh
3. Nigger
by Mic August 05, 2004
The most common default text-to-speech voice on Microsoft Windows computers. MS Sam is often used to say funny words or to sound like a helicopter.

You may also know MS Sam from the YouTube series, Arby and the Chief; MS Sam plays Chief.
Classroom friend, Joe: "Hey Matt, watch this!"
Microsoft Sam: "Penis"
Classroom friend, Matt: "Hah! You made him say penis"
Teacher: "Hey! Who said penis?!"
by KenzelC April 09, 2010
a funny voice inside microsoft's Awesome XP.
If you type in ''soi'', its a roflcopter.
If you type in ''crotch'', you get Crowsnest.
its funny
Jim: Hey Tom, Bob, and Bill! Look at this!
Microsoft Sam: soi crotch soi crotch
by u2dvdbono August 25, 2010
The voce module that comes with 200 and XP to help blind users use the computer. also very funny to make say things..

Funny things to make microsoft sam say:

1. piss! Piss out the ass!

2. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

3. fuck shit piss cunt tits cocksucker motherfucker twat

4. just mash the keyboard and ask Sam to pronounce what results.
by g-pain November 28, 2007
the annoying voice that is in your computer and cannot pronounce words correctly
just try it in your computer and you will see it and Microsoft SAM is annoying
by hajii December 26, 2008
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