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3 definitions by TheDailyFail

A free game produced by NASA to be downloaded and played from Steam. The objective of the game is to co-operate with your teamates and preform various tasks, such as repairing your base after a meteor storm.

However, this is pointless, due to the text-to-speech option, which will let everything you and others say be translated into text to speech. Thus, in mostly all of the lobbies, you will see people saying 'JOHN MADDEN' or 'AEIOU', and will not get the joke untill you turn text-to-speech on. When joining a server, there's an unspoken rule at least ONE person will be spamming 'AEIOU' or 'EBAY' in the monotone of stephen hawkings/microsoft sam.
Popular phrases on moonbase alpha are:

by TheDailyFail April 18, 2011
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Stations left over from the cold war that broadcast numbers. To transelate these numbers, you would need a one-time translator issued by the station's goverment directly to their agents. After being used once the code for the station is changed, -as suggested by the name-, and they are burned. Number stations are not avaible to the public, but everyone somehow manages to record it and upload it to youtube or something.
So, am I the only one who thinks Mason listened to a LITTLE too many number stations? Just maybe, a LITTLE?
by TheDailyFail December 29, 2010
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See: Zombieland
A zombieis an undead entity that has usually been alive at one point in it's material existance. Has risen from the dead with one objective: To kill and eat all living things. (Preferably humans.) Considered one of the ways the world will -end- on 2012.

The what is considered only way to kill a zombie is to shoot it in either the heart or head,(See headshot.) preferably with a big gunBut even that is not enough. The 2nd rule of zombieland is to doubletap. It's only one bullet, and it isn't gonig to hurt you, is it? One more bullet for them, one less bloody and painfull way for you to die, and one less zombie. Everyone wins.

Zombies are also featured in video games such as Killing Floor, left 4 dead, and Call of duty. Many users have also modded source ( Half life 2,Counter Strike: Source,Garrys mod etcetra.)
Joe: Hey, Bill.
Bill: Yeah?
Joe: If there is ever a zombie apocolypse, can I use you as a meat sheild?
Bill: ...No.
by TheDailyFail January 01, 2011
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