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A section in Houston densly populated by theatres, museums, fine foods, upscale shopping, and gay people.
Montrose is well known in the Houston area as being the "gay part of town."
by John February 10, 2004
A small town on the western slope of Colorado. Previously known for the highest teen pregnancy rate and a high level of meth-heads. More recently famous for a seventeen year old girl having her throat slashed in the high school before classes began one day.
People complain about there being nothing to do..but hey, Dennys and Wal-Mart are open 24 hours!!
1. "Montrose is such a nice quiet town."
2. "Yeah, all the drugs and school stabbings are so very nice."

"Montrose High School is SKETCH!"
by i like orange highlighters February 28, 2009
directly south of la crescenta, ca;
decent place to hang out i suppose;
nice place for farmer's market and Oktoberfest fest!
let's go to montrose for taco tuesday at el charro!
by MJ62 October 16, 2007
A town on the east coast of Scotland, north of Arbroath and south of Stonehaven. About half way between Dundee to the south and Aberdeen to the north. Home to the Montrose Basin.
Montrose is in Angus in Scotland
by Billy is Fit February 21, 2009
Montrose aka Verdugo City is located above Glendale and below La Canada/La Crescenta. The people who live in this area are the people who cant afford to live in La cCanada/La Crescenta and Glendale.

If you live in Montrose you are either:


A skater
A stoner
A stoner who skates
Married with Children
or a teenager with no life.

Marijuana aka Kush is very easy to get and is smoked all day by teenagers and adults alike. The Glendale Police inhabit this area and also the surrounding cities. One word to describe these cops is "Wow."

Damn im faded as fuck, I love monTROSE


Everyone is dry

Bong rips in the hood (of trose)
by Montrose Resident May 03, 2009
A compilation of overdressed Mexicans, abocrombie Fitch douchebags, and stoners. It's situated in what I like the call the left ass cheek of America. Most of the people who inhabit it are dicks and they'll throw rotten eggs at you from there piece of shit car stuffed full of Mexican preps.10 percent of the population is friendly potheads who the majority of aren't dicks, which might be the only thing good about the town besides Denny's.
Guy 1: ever been to montrose

Guy 2: I've been to hell so kind of

Guy 2: hell doesn't fucking compare to montrose
by Youcancallmetheavenger July 10, 2013
unmistakable human beings believed to be delivered to this planet to serve as a model for human evolution.
montrose is already there.
by nick December 11, 2003
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