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Eased (v):

1. Verb form of the word easy or ez
2. A salutation used in victory after you just totally owned someone. It's roots stem from the mmorpg Subspace/Continuum.
Dead turret: "OMG! WTF!!1 YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! I can't believe you just handed my ass to me with that double mine rep! Get some skill!...No you know what?! Fuck this game!" :( *logs out*

taint: "so eased"
#eased #ezed #ez #gg ez money #subspace #continuum #own #owned #pwn
by OG subspace player April 27, 2007
Verb: To easily complete a task. Usually used when one beats an opponent at a competetive task.
"oh man, I eased Dave at table hockey last night"
by John Doe February 22, 2004
Eased is the new owned.
Duder1: oh snap jack just got owned
Duder2: Good sir, I think you meant to say, "Oh snap, Jack just go eased."
Duder1: ugay
#not #owned #own #pwn #0wn
by radtse June 02, 2006
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