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To absolutely disrespect a girl that you are with just so you can get with another girl. No matter what, whether you are hooking up, going out, or even married, you still will take advantage of any situation in which you can get ass.
Steve was hooking up with Mary but then he made out with Amy at a party. Steve just mitched Mary
by johnwalldemarcuscousins February 16, 2010
When a person drinks so much, they start puking endlessly...eventually filling up buckets full of it.
"Dude, Sam couldn't stop throwing up last night!"
"I know! She was so Mitched!"
by Katie is Radio August 14, 2008
When somebody only drinks half their drink and then just leaves it right where he drank it last and never comes back for it.
He just mitched that pop over there.
by champ of all champ February 11, 2010
when someone backs out of an agreement or bet.
"Dude, James isn't going to do it."
"dammit, we've been mitched again."
by Nick the Enforcer January 24, 2009
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