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A region in Omaha, NE that is consists mainly of upper-middleclass families. They have the lowest crime rate in Omaha, and the three high-schools have been counted as three of the top 500 schools in the country by Newsweek. They also have the best football, music, and language departments in the state of Nebraska. Millard used to be a small town in itself, but was later swallowed by Omaha.
Person 1: Hey have you seen that urban-dictionary definition of Millard?

Person 2: Yup, looks like somebody is a little jealous.
by C-blaze777 February 08, 2011
like a mallard duck but better!!
person 1:wot is there name?
person 2:millard
person 1:like the duck
person 2:no it's spelt differently and is 1000 times better
by the fred November 05, 2007