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Melbourne in Australia - city incorporated (as a town, anyway) in 1842.
This is before 1892!
by Big Fella June 06, 2005
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A City that is so insecure they feel they need to spend every dying second explaining why they are better than sydney.
Melbourne: We are so much better than you. we have better sport. better night life. better food. better woman.

Sydney: Are you still going on about that? Here's a free tip: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
by Peter Cardakaris August 14, 2007
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The Capital of Victoria that is actually quite diverse with lots to do. However most of the definitions of Melbourne on Urban Dictionary are by Sydneysiders complaining about Melbourne being a hole and that Melbourne people always try to say how much better Melbourne is then Sydney when the Sydneysiders are doing the exact same thing by trying to say Sydney is better in the example
Sydneysider: Your city is a hole and ugly and you all play GAYFL. Sydney however looks beautiful and is so much better then Melbourne.

Melbournian: And you complain about us saying our city's better, wanker.
by Moreland Legend 08 September 08, 2008
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Melbourne is a small georgian market town in South Derbyshire, England. It is about eight miles south of Derby and two miles from the River Trent. It contains a good range of shops, pubs and restaurants for the tourist. In 1837 a then tiny settlement in Australia was named after William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, Queen Victoria's first Prime Minister, and thus indirectly takes its name from Melbourne Hall, seat of the Lamb family, and the village.
Also the name Melbourne name derives from "mill on the brook". It was first recorded in Domesday Book (DB 1086 Mileburne = mill stream) as a royal manor.

old person from melbourne- "Ey up me duck, I'm from the real melbourne not the one in australia, ya say it mel-born not mel-bun"
by hello_hiccup December 01, 2007
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Melbourne is a sexy, cosmopolitan city located in the state of Victoria, Australia. If Melbourne were personified she would be gorgeous, aromatic, and a'la mode, sipping on a mocha. Its Australia's fashion capital, not to mention the centre of the arts, culture, shopping and food. And yes there is a 'friendly regional rivalry' between Melbourne and Sydney. And as others have had stabs at the worlds most liveable city, I'd like to provide some real defence, as un-biasedly as I can:

* Melbourne actually got to be a capital for a while (1901-27), sydney never did. In fact the High Court of Australia was only moved to Canberra in 1980.

* I'm sure many love 'footy' and rugby, yet Football (aka soccer) is the world game and played by the world's masses, making both these sports quite insignificant in regards to any 'claim of superiority' by either city.

* Melbourne hosted the Olympics nearly half a century before sydney, and still holds bigger and more significant events, eg Melbourne Cup, Australian Tennis Open, Grand Prix etc, plus a stack of other art/food/fashion festivals already mentioned.

* As a city there actually is some marvellous architecture, too much to mention, though some already has been. The Opera house is a gem however, but I'm rather over the bridge. Melbourne's city planning is undoubtedly superior to sydney, and everyone knows it, with its roads and streets, esp in the CBD. And let's not forget Melbourne's intricate transport system. It's modern yet also charming, with so many sleek cafe's and 'eateries' tucked away in its laneways. Our tollways have E-Tags, which sydney should invest in. Stopping to pay on the freeway? Plus the congestion to follow, its ridicilous. Not forgetting the road lanes, which are dangerously small.

* The rest becomes rather trivial, but what the heck-
the Harbour Bridge's fireworks-its been done, no-one cares.
Melbourne has the taller office building (Rialto Towers) and residential tower (Eureka Tower), yet sydney still has the tallest structure in general (Centrepoint). Melbourne's Crown Casino is larger than sydney's Star City and so is Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria, compared to sydney's Art Gallery of New South Wales.

And some of the lame things I've heard. Better beaches? We have some fantastic beaches, yet don't deny Bondi's superior popularity. At least our beaches are 'war free'. People also 'give shit' to Melbourne's weather. What is that, is that meant to be a 'call'? Does anyone even care? If anything it's never boring and sydney actually gets more rain. Someone even mentioned gang warfare what the hell? And I've heard of racial tension, but race hate gangs? Unheard of in Melbourne. 'Wogs' and 'Skips' generally get along very well here. And Melbournians raving on about what we have? Dont flatter yourselves Melbourne really doesn't need to prove anything to sydney.
Sydney loser: "Damn I need new shoes."

another Sydney loser: "How much does a ticket to Melbourne cost these days?"
by BuLLioN March 08, 2007
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The best city in Australia. Melbourne is officially better than Sydney. Melbourne just has the whole package such as having the MCG, home of the Australian Open, shopping, dining, nightlife YOU NAME IT!
What does Sydney have?
... just a bridge made out of metal and an opera house that looks like my ass.
Melbourne is the most down to earth city in the world.
by yeahbro February 07, 2009
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A city for people who have interest and love for - Architecture, Art, Literature, Music, Fashion, Food, Theatre, Cinema, Dance, Photography, Gardens and Parks, Politics, Spirituality, Sex with interesting and beautiful people, and Sport.

Fortunately if you don't have any interest in any of these things then it also offers a lively drug culture with a very healthy welfare system, and liberal legal system.
Druggie one - "Dude I'm thinking about moving to Melbourne!"

Druggie two - "Nah man, don't do that! That place is for creative types and intelligent sorts. They're all stylish and shit."

Druggie one - "Yeah but Centrelink take it easy on ya, and its got chilled magistrate courts."

Druggie two - "Oh sweet!"
by M.J.F. June 04, 2010
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Melbourne (noun)

The second largest city in Australia, and the capital of the state Victoria. They spend most of their time complaining about Sydney and Adelaide. It is also home to the Yarra river, which is also known as the upside down river due to the fact it's dirty, smelly and awful.

It rains most of the time in Melbourne, although most of the residents are too snobbish to admit it.
Person from Melbourne: My city is better than YOURS! Adelaide is a hole and Sydney is an urban jungle.

Person from Adelaide: A hole? What, you haven't seen Burnside and North Adelaide?

Person from Sydney: At least our architecture actually looks good.

See also: yuppie
by Windscreenwiper November 29, 2007
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