Melbourne in Australia - city incorporated (as a town, anyway) in 1842.
This is before 1892!
by Big Fella June 06, 2005
A City that is so insecure they feel they need to spend every dying second explaining why they are better than sydney.
Melbourne: We are so much better than you. we have better sport. better night life. better food. better woman.

Sydney: Are you still going on about that? Here's a free tip: SHUT THE FUCK UP.
by Peter Cardakaris August 14, 2007
The Capital of Victoria that is actually quite diverse with lots to do. However most of the definitions of Melbourne on Urban Dictionary are by Sydneysiders complaining about Melbourne being a hole and that Melbourne people always try to say how much better Melbourne is then Sydney when the Sydneysiders are doing the exact same thing by trying to say Sydney is better in the example
Sydneysider: Your city is a hole and ugly and you all play GAYFL. Sydney however looks beautiful and is so much better then Melbourne.

Melbournian: And you complain about us saying our city's better, wanker.
by Moreland Legend 08 September 08, 2008
Melbourne is a small georgian market town in South Derbyshire, England. It is about eight miles south of Derby and two miles from the River Trent. It contains a good range of shops, pubs and restaurants for the tourist. In 1837 a then tiny settlement in Australia was named after William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, Queen Victoria's first Prime Minister, and thus indirectly takes its name from Melbourne Hall, seat of the Lamb family, and the village.
Also the name Melbourne name derives from "mill on the brook". It was first recorded in Domesday Book (DB 1086 Mileburne = mill stream) as a royal manor.

old person from melbourne- "Ey up me duck, I'm from the real melbourne not the one in australia, ya say it mel-born not mel-bun"
by hello_hiccup December 01, 2007
The best city in Australia. Melbourne is officially better than Sydney. Melbourne just has the whole package such as having the MCG, home of the Australian Open, shopping, dining, nightlife YOU NAME IT!
What does Sydney have?
... just a bridge made out of metal and an opera house that looks like my ass.
Melbourne is the most down to earth city in the world.
by yeahbro February 07, 2009
A city for people who have interest and love for - Architecture, Art, Literature, Music, Fashion, Food, Theatre, Cinema, Dance, Photography, Gardens and Parks, Politics, Spirituality, Sex with interesting and beautiful people, and Sport.

Fortunately if you don't have any interest in any of these things then it also offers a lively drug culture with a very healthy welfare system, and liberal legal system.
Druggie one - "Dude I'm thinking about moving to Melbourne!"

Druggie two - "Nah man, don't do that! That place is for creative types and intelligent sorts. They're all stylish and shit."

Druggie one - "Yeah but Centrelink take it easy on ya, and its got chilled magistrate courts."

Druggie two - "Oh sweet!"
by M.J.F. June 04, 2010
Melbourne (noun)

The second largest city in Australia, and the capital of the state Victoria. They spend most of their time complaining about Sydney and Adelaide. It is also home to the Yarra river, which is also known as the upside down river due to the fact it's dirty, smelly and awful.

It rains most of the time in Melbourne, although most of the residents are too snobbish to admit it.
Person from Melbourne: My city is better than YOURS! Adelaide is a hole and Sydney is an urban jungle.

Person from Adelaide: A hole? What, you haven't seen Burnside and North Adelaide?

Person from Sydney: At least our architecture actually looks good.

See also: yuppie
by Windscreenwiper November 29, 2007
literally the greatest city on has been named the worlds most livable city way too many times, and will continue to be named that for many years to come.

melbourne is home to australia's best schools, most livable suburbs and lga's, has the best food, and is known as being the sporting/fashion/cultural and food capital of australia.

melbourne has great infustructure, with buses, trains and of course the famous tram which people interstate are too lame to have.

we have the best private and public schools, the affluent suburb of kew has the most private schools in one area than anywhere else in the world. also, every suburb and lga in melbourne and victoria has the highest livability (which basically means no area is riddled with poverty)...comapre that to every other state/city which has some terrible areas that are highly unlivable.

afl is the greatest and most popular sport, so stop trying to compare it to rugby played by two states in australia..please no one even knows, nor cares about the difference between league and union.

melbourne is home to the MCG! named one of the 7 wonders of the sporting world. we are also home to the greatest shopping precincts in australia- highpoint, chadstone, doncaster westfield, chapel street, bridge rd, south yarra, prahran ect. and our food here is the best! and our water is the cleanest out of all chemical treatment needed.

our beaches kick ass, the mornington peninsula rocks it during summer.

dropkicks from interstate say our weather is shit...well firstly our summers are awesome with sunny weather and clear skies, and our winters are awesome too, at least we have a winter. and NO, it DOES NOT snow here, so why do people say you need chains on your car? do that, and you will be sorry you only snows up in the you see we actually HAVE somewhere to vacation to in the winter.

yeah we have funny accents, but thats just coz everyone from around the world wants to live in melbourne, and their accents just rub off on us.

now there is a reason why we insist on hating on sydney...because we are literally better than them (every survey, every test shows that melbourne is the most liveable city in aus and the world). OMG YOU HAVE AN OPERA HOUSE AND BRIGDE, YOU MUST BE THE GREATEST CITY EVER. umm let me tell you something, and this is a fact, the reason why sydney wasnt named a liveable city is coz it had MORE crime than new york city. sydney metro pop. 4million, nyc metro pop. 18 sucks to live in sydney. also, melbourne has the most amount of people moving to it from interstate than any other city in aus, and sydney people are the most coming here to obviously syd people are either smart for moving, or dumb for still living there.

melbournians love people from all over australia, we dont bag wa, sa, qld, na, tas, act, or nsw...only sydney people coz they are in denial of their own lives.

yeah we think we are the greatest, coz we are!
sydney person: 'omg sydney is way better coz we have an opera house and rip off housing prices'

melbourne person: 'dude...i dont care about you. i am better than you, so can you leave me alone?'

sydney person: 'but i am sooo insecure and in denial with myself! i have to prove to everyone i am the best!'

melbourne person: 'okay going to the mcg to watch the footy, then ill go to lygon st to get some kickass food, and then ill go shopping to chapel st...bye weirdo...'
by holler yo February 16, 2009

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