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to be assaulted or attacked with glass as the weapon
"that lassie got glassed and no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it" -Begbie, Trainspotting
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
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To be extremely and belligerently drunk and confused.
That pizza was so good friday.
What pizza?
You ate like three slices...
Wow I must have been really glassed.
by Josie Dankope September 24, 2012
to be really high
"Damn man after smokin four bowls last night i was glassed."

because when people are high their eyes look glassy.
by that so dope guy December 13, 2009
To have your basketball shot or lay-up attempt blocked and come off of the backboard, embarassing you greatly.
That dude took it up like a bitch, so I glassed his shit.
by Captain Coach December 03, 2007
Having a glaze of jism shot on your face
Dude, I sooooo glassed her!!
by Kevhead March 13, 2003
extremely high (usually on meth). Refers to the glass pipes/light bulbs used to smoke such drugs
Dude I'm so glassed I can't even see straight.
by rmk517 March 03, 2015

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