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Favorite flavor of this or that.
Darquise is always tryin' different types of Linux; I just heard Debian is her flavorite distro of the month.
by SpzToid August 04, 2005
An abbreviated form of favorite flavor
Wyatt: Hey dude, what's your flavorite ice cream?
Aleks: Cookie's and Creme
by WhiteRussian523 May 30, 2016
Your favorite flavor of a certain food or drink.
BBQ Corn Nuts are my flavorite
by Daizbid May 14, 2015
Favorite Flavor
Your favorite thing to eat or drink.
Hmm Hmm, that's my flavorite!

Raspberries are my flavorite berry.
by Loribell July 10, 2010
An adjective.
Your favorite flavor.
Typically applying to food.

or chicks.
Vanilla is Jimmy's flavorite ice cream.

Dave's flavorite girl is not vanilla.
by daveisthebestnameithink January 11, 2010
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