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Favorite flavor of this or that.
Darquise is always tryin' different types of Linux; I just heard Debian is her flavorite distro of the month.
by SpzToid August 04, 2005
22 8
Dyslexic combination of "Favorite Flavor"
Rum Raisin ice cream is my flavorite.
by Mick Fagre August 10, 2006
10 5
Favorite Flavor
Your favorite thing to eat or drink.
Hmm Hmm, that's my flavorite!

Raspberries are my flavorite berry.
by Loribell July 10, 2010
3 3
favorite flavoer
whats your flavorite ice cream
by myspace: n0.0dles July 18, 2009
0 2
An adjective.
Your favorite flavor.
Typically applying to food.

or chicks.
Vanilla is Jimmy's flavorite ice cream.

Dave's flavorite girl is not vanilla.
by daveisthebestnameithink January 11, 2010
0 3