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Marly is a beautiful girl who is shy at first but, once you get close to her you'll see the fun side of her. Marly is gorgeous and she has a beautiful heart. She might seem like a girl who lets everyone get to her, but she ends up becoming very confident and brave. Marly's make mistakes but learn from them. Marly attracts so many hearts that it's hard to keep them away. Marly is someone I would love to be. Marly is perfect.
I would love to date a Marly
by Jaylana October 06, 2013
Love... a name for true love. The Literal meaning of the name is water lily, Mar- (water) Lys (lily). Marlys is a proper noun given by gypsy to a mother to be who longed for a girl child and who's love for the man who was the father was so great and so strong she needed a name to define it. A gypsy spoke of a love so pure and sensitive and spelled out MARLYS... If you name your child Marlys she will be extremely loving and caring and overly sensitive to her emotions. If you marry or date a girl name Marlys you should attend to her emotions first and foremost. Money, diamonds and fame will never mean more to her than will your undying love, a consistent flow of affection and attention to the details will mean. With a daily dose of TLC, she will LOVE you forever and complete YOU!
Marlys is like a box of chocolates... so full of flavor, diversity and pure enjoyment.
by Slymheart November 29, 2010
Pulling a Marlies is to play devils advocate,just for the purpose for being kind to other people. Pulling a marlies is to defend the weak.
Why do you keep behaving like Marlies, can you not just pick a side.
by Mandy Jones October 13, 2007
a girl who although being rather smart, often portrays herself rather retardedly in my company
what a marlies you are
by wally March 15, 2004
A name for a person who is overly short, petite, and generally very bitchy to deal with due to their shortness. The female version of "short man's syndrome" - it's "short bitch syndrome"
That girl is such a marlys. If she was taller she'd just be a bitch
by chupacabra20 April 15, 2010
A person who gets sexual gratification from rodents
"You did WHAT to that rat? youre such a Marly!"
by stfu March 26, 2005
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