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Excitable, spirited (can sometimes mean irritable or easy to anger)

From the german 'fist' which means a small, agressive and lively dog
She's a feisty little godess

That feisty bitch just bit me
#quick tempered #excitable #hot-headed #sexually active #sexually aroused
by Iain B September 25, 2005
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Typically used nowadays to describe a smallish woman who is either opinionated and aggressive or plucky and spirited.

The word originates from a combination of the Old English word fyst meaning to fart and the German "fist" a small excitable dog.
That Janeane Garofalo is a feisty old bird, farts like a dog too.
#fart #dog #plucky #aggressive #fyst
by Tricorn8 July 28, 2009
A little fuck boy who always has to be right and corrects girls who are always on fleek
Hi I'm rufino and I suck dick because I'm feisty
by Mt May 14, 2016
Being highly sexually aroused or being in a heighted sexual mood
God damn that woman was being fesity, she wanted to get it on bad!
by bob burgandhower November 12, 2003
An act in which the individual makes a mistake within a gaming environment.

The mistake never causes major problems, but can add to the difficulty of a situation.

Often happens when trying to rush or striving to make others move at a faster pace.

One can only 'pull a feisty' if he/she is immensely skilled in all aspects of a situation and is completely confident in his/her ability.
Yeah, he pulled a feisty" "Hahaha, sorry guys I pulled a feisty
#pulling #feisty #mistake #skilled #gaming
by cougarforpresident August 10, 2010
The hot Cuban Chick from VH1's For the Love of Ray J and I Love Money 4. So cute and adorable she makes any VH1 show worthwhile.
I was watching VH1 and Feisty came on the show. I was so excited.
#feisty #vh1 #ray j #i love money #4
by kamekl November 03, 2010
Cheeky, impolite. Lacking respect for others. Ignorant.
(i)She's feisty. She kissed her teeth at me.
(ii)I said 'Hello' and got no reply.Thenhe asked me for a beer. That's feisty.
by MaNaTaRmZ August 24, 2003
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