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A very clumsy, non-judgmental, shy but friendly girl. She can be friends with everyone. She is very feisty, i wouldn't want to be on her bad side. Her love for something can not be judged. She loves whole-heartedly. She knows what she wants in life and is not scared to go for it.
Wow, i wish i could be a Marli.

Hmm, i can tell that girl is a Marli.
by ilyjnhfe February 24, 2010
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A self-concious girl who is good at singing but doesn't like singing in front of others. She is very musical. This girl gets jelous easily, but doesn't show it. She over-exagerates at times, and tells the truth 10 times more than lies. It's hard for her to tell others to piss off, but she'll do it if it is nessacary, is afraid of spidersand bad judgement.
Person: Hey can you sing for me?
Marli: No...
Person: That must be a Marli
by Ditepollo101 May 23, 2010
This is a very nerdy girl who loves books and is amazing to be around. She hates liars, and can easily hate you for all eternity. if you ever meet a marlis keep her by your side because she will always stand by you, unless you do something stupid. she Is very funny and sweet. you will immediately love her. even though she might come out as shy at first but she will eventually open up to you and you will love her amazing personality :)
guy: wow I love her personality
guy 2: yup that's a marlis
by geniuschick December 15, 2014
Marlis is a Evil man/demon who only one person knows, if anyone else knows they will die. Only john knows and no-one else.
Marlis climbed out of the Hell Hole and said "John make your friends go away".
by Satan July 05, 2004
Marli: (N) Slut, Schizophrenic porn star stripper and is insane and obsessive.
"Damn, that's a Marli."
by Thefirefighter(: April 04, 2010

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