a scumbag manchester united fan, most probably based around londen, sussex and the south east of england. not a true supported tries to folow a crowd and most probably doesnt like football.
that person is not a real football fan he just supports a team because theyre winning, fucking mank!
by almay May 02, 2005
1. A nickname bestowed upon my little brother simply for the sake of one. About 5 years ago when I came up with it, Johnny Bravo was brand new pn Cartoon Network and to promote it, they had Johnny Bravo look alikes, one of whom was named Steve Mank. For some reason, I associated the word with an ersatz monkey and I was cycling through some nicknames and he responded to this one. He is now Mank.
- Mank, /time.
- Mank, quit Alt + F4 for me, the 'rents are home.
- You stupid Mank! I was watching that.
by Griff August 09, 2004
mank, is use to describe the lowest of women. a scandalous women that has no morals or care for anything. often use to describe a hoe, slut, or bitch, that has earn the name from her actions of such that is now even below the most common terms to descibe such a women.

I dont what he sees in her, she is such a mank!
by ekorb May 01, 2007
A complete loser
That mank just stole my last beer!
by bk March 11, 2003
Midnight Wank

Midnight + Wank = Mank
oooo look, im wanking and its midnight, this must mean im having a good MANK
by Ewan Marshall-Harries July 14, 2006
Mank was a word popularized by the ever-so-amazing Master Brent. It originally gained popularity as a substitute for vulgarities, but upon expansion has come to mean many different things.
1) A substitute for any socially unacceptable word. i.e. expletives, slurs, vulgarities
1) What the mank?
by Karl Van Schnitzen June 18, 2004
A form of masturbation. (notice that a "M" is an upside down "W" WANK---MANK) This is when a person sexually stimulates themselves by massaging the prostate gland throgh the rectal wall. In laymans terms "Fingering you ass until you come."
1: "dude did you hear that bill tried to have a mank the other day and had to go to hospital for internal bleeding?"
2: "thats a damn shame"
by rotten egg February 28, 2006
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