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Vagina with large bush. Often unkempt. Elicits thoughts of rainforests with dense vegetation.
"Dude, she had a vegina. I felt like Indiana Jones cutting a path through the jungle."
by Trasha May 01, 2009
A vagina typical in all ways except for covering said vagina is A LOT of vegitation.
"Dude, girl needs to shave the Vegina; you'd need a machete to cut through that forest!"

"I got a hand down her panties and was greeted by an awful surprise-- huge Vegina! I got the hell out of there!"
by Uber_Fresh April 30, 2009
vegeta the prince of supersaiyans crossed with a vagina
omg the fusion worked i am now the greatest saiyan to ever live i am vegina ! *goku cowers in fear*
by Saiyan Man January 22, 2011
Vegetarian Lesbian
"Do you and your partner want to go to In-and Out?"
"No, she just became a vegina."
by Celestial Ejaculation December 07, 2008
A large bowl containing mixed vegetables and fruits.
1.Woah! You're mom has the biggest vegina I have ever seen!

2. I like to shove apples in my vegina!
by ilovevegina July 19, 2010
The slit between a girls legs that every guy wants, and that lets the penis go in during HOT FUCKEN WONDERFUL SEX!!
by Kaleigh November 30, 2003
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