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The most sweetest, most beautiful to ever exist.
Oh god I love cara so much, I can't get her off my mind!
by Cameron December 31, 2003
Magic wands; God made them.
Use the nipples, Harry!
by Cameron September 08, 2004
A country on the east coast of asia That many north american anime lovers dream of visiting and assimilating to. A country in which these Japanese wannabes think the country lives and breathes nothing but anime and video games but in reality they are just like any other country in the world and just happens to be the birth place of anime and certain electronics etc.
(Japan Lover From north america) Oh wow I love anime! I will go to Japan one day cuz everyone there loves anime like me. And everywhere I go there will be young horny schoolgirls, arcades, DDR, anime stores, and rare japanese video games. I am gonna learn to speak japanese too and move there cuz I wish I was japanese.
by Cameron January 26, 2005
1. what porn stars are paid to do
2. what most people like to do for money or for pleasure
3. to fuck
side effects: orgasms babies
i had sex with a really hot chick last night
by cameron June 25, 2003
fuckin up someone's front lawn with your car.
I gave that stupid bitch teacher a lawn job for failing me.
by Cameron March 21, 2004
a state of mind that implies this philosophy:no drugs no drinking no sex unless you are married....no meat is optional.
jonny is straight edge and he wont do any mind altering drugs
by cameron April 12, 2005
Incredible human being with a heart bigger then my home state. (texas)
so fuck all of u assholes who think you know, he is one of the few human beings in the music biz with his priorities straight. o and the fucker shreds like hell too.
Dont believe me? get the "broozed, boozed, and broken boned tour" on DVD and youll see what i mean
by CAmeron March 17, 2005
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