mank means good or sexy
a sexy girl walks past

shes mank..!
by howesy boii November 07, 2007
1) n. The scent of a woman in high estrus. 2) n. The fluid that a woman in high estrus produces.
Like heat rising from the pavement, as he closed in to kiss her he could smell the mank rising from her body.
by M. Jaffery November 15, 2005
Part of the mank-jank-skank-rank-gank scale of just how bad something is. All are negative terms.

gank is worse than
rank is worse than
skank is worse than
jank is worse than
Your clothes are pretty manky
by James Keenan May 25, 2006
Max Demin, Gay russian
getting laid in yo escalade while you mank with diana, big diss
by ahi December 08, 2004
Has a really hot Dad. Also ryhmes with spank.
"Mank has a banana-shaped penis."
by ShotGland March 25, 2003
spank lick
wad slap
colin fitzpatrick...his codename for HALO...usually runs with OHOOMIS, SPANK LICK (THE CLIT), and WAD SLAP...
also the weakest link of the crew...
Mank just ripped you a new asshole...and hes a newb
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
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