A racial slur for someone who is part of the white majority. However, it should only be used by someone who is a mank. In essence, its the white majority's own "self-hate" word.
Stop being such a fucking mank.
Whattup my manker.
by Tim Tom25 November 10, 2007
A portmanteau of mouth and wank, mank refers to any sort of sexual behavior involving the mouth and can be used as a verb or as a noun. Although it is most often synonymous with blowjob, it can also be used to mean tea bag, eating out, rimming, or any other kind of sex in which the mouth plays a prominent role. In the rare cases of the extremely flexible and/or extremely well-endowed it can refer to autofellatio or even autocunnilingus.
As a noun: All I need to be happy is a little mank. Is that too much to ask?
As a verb: Why won't anyone mank me?
by Harvey Johnson November 05, 2007
The "mank" is a form of the woman's tank, but worn by a man. The "mank" is normally worn by a metro sexual, or gay male.
Did you see the nelly furtado video? Timberland was totally rocking a "mank"!
by unju August 07, 2006
Mank is a lifestyle full of women, partying, and being a BAMF 24/7.
Example 1- - - Guy 1 : Man that guy just left with 5 girls!

Guy 2 : What a mank!
Example 2- - - Guy 1 : Chicks love that guy man.

Guy 2 : He's Level 6 mank.
by Batman1987 May 06, 2011
mank is a man skank

a tool, arrogant, cocky whorish guy, who is annoying as hell and is the exact definition of a skank but in male form

-created by lsxc-g 10'
wtf is he doing he is such a mank
by saywat10 October 12, 2010
If the word "jank" is ever banned, just say "mank."
You'd normally say: This stuff is jank.

Now you say: This stuff is mank.
by fruityfed April 22, 2009
A man who acts in a way equivalent to a female skank. A male individual involved in promiscuous activities on a fairly consistent basis.
He is such a mank; he gets around.
by Kendalll October 21, 2008
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