Small, whiny, talkative, rude, insensitive, incosiderate, offensive, loud, thing. Often refers to self as "beast," and to others as "bums, garbage, etc." Often used in connotation with odd haircut, fellow midgets, and "getting big"
Mango: "You guys are all bums! I am so beast. Get big! " (such lines have been known to go on for upwards of two hours)
by sedaris March 31, 2005
A skateboarding stance, in which you skate goofy, except you push with your left foot and place it back on the front of the board.
Andrew and Logan push mango.
by sheckyfan January 25, 2005
An indica dominant strain of marijuana that comes from British Columbia, also known as BC Mango.
We lit up a bowl of mango and it had a nice fruity taste to it.
by renfield9302 May 02, 2008
a law enforcement officer that used to be an exotic dancer
"I can't believe they let that Mango use handcuffs; he used to be an exotic dancer."
by elaynah December 10, 2003
Someone of Gypsy or Afro-American origin; see mangal;
"Git lost Mango, before I kick ya' ass"
by Dreben_2097 May 23, 2005
a mans penis
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
(v) to mango: to orgasm, usually referring to a female on someone else, especially involving oral sex, and especially involving orgasms of females that 'spray'
Man, he was just slurping away at her for like, 2 minutes, before she mango'd all over his face!
by Selwyn Mason October 01, 2007

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