A loyal friend, despite his whipped-ness. Short and stocky with flaming red hair and beard. And although he may be whipped, he is incredibly manly due to his abundance of facial hair and boxing skills. Also goes by the name, the Ginga Ninja.
"Who's that leprechaun, fuckin shit up?"
"That's just Mango."
by The one and only one and only November 29, 2011
That one thing that everyone wants
Person 1:Man, I really want the Cubs to win the world series....

Person 2:That would be my mango!!
by anythingyouwantmetobe February 02, 2011
1. (noun) A tropical Fruit
2. (noun) A flamboyant Homosexual Man
3. (adj) expression used by Latin women to describe a good looking man.
1. "Oh my good, this mango is so juicy Its probably from Brazil"
2. "Dude, Anwar is so fruity like a Mango"
3. "Ese Papasito esta bien Mango" (That cutie is soo good looking)
by Aldous June 19, 2008
(v) to mango: to orgasm, usually referring to a female on someone else, especially involving oral sex, and especially involving orgasms of females that 'spray'
Man, Kimmy was just slurping away at Mae for like, 2 minutes, before Mae mango'd all over Kimmy's face!
by Mae Adeline September 16, 2007
A skateboarding stance, in which you skate goofy, except you push with your left foot and place it back on the front of the board.
Andrew and Logan push mango.
by sheckyfan January 25, 2005
a law enforcement officer that used to be an exotic dancer
"I can't believe they let that Mango use handcuffs; he used to be an exotic dancer."
by elaynah December 10, 2003
Someone of Gypsy or Afro-American origin; see mangal;
"Git lost Mango, before I kick ya' ass"
by Dreben_2097 May 23, 2005
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