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to have an overwhelming desire and need for a certain thing. it may be a person, a feeling or a food
i craved for him. every moment we were away just intensified that feeling.
by jjgvtjh September 01, 2006
A cry-shave
I was in the bath, listening to the Les Mis soundtrack whilst shaving and my emotions became so intense that I was unable to repress the overwhelming crave that beset me.
by Fatclarkey February 08, 2013
A chain of restaurants that deliver ambrosia, the food of the gods... all served up on a mean sandwich by their expert chef, Jose
Frohm loves to eat at crave.
by gbrucia March 30, 2011
someone who skreams at a ballbag and gets excited when they dance in a green anorak
nikki's a crave

nikki craves matt
by claire February 09, 2004