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1 Broken, smashed or beaten up to the point of being visisbly altered, unusuable or non-functional.
2 Intoxicated with drink or drugs to the point of non-sensibility.
3 Resoundingly beaten in a competition of some kind.

As far as I am aware this term comes from the German footballer Gerd Muller who scored lots of goals.
I got totally mullered last night, I had loads of pills......

A bus smashed right into his car and absolutely mullered it....

We got bloody mullered at five-a-side, 10 bleedin' nill

This term probably comes from German international footballer Gerd Muller who used to destroy teams with his sizzling shots from inside or outside the penalty area....

Gerd Muller, known as "Der Bomber", is the greatest goal-scorer of the modern era. He scored an amazing 68 goals in 62 games for West Germany during the 1970s, including the win in the 1974 World Cup Final.
Gerd Muller, a stocky, powerful striker with matchless speed in the penalty area, amassed 628 goals in first class football. This included 365 goals for Bayern Munich during his 14 year career.
by james mcdonnell March 16, 2004
When one beaten single-handedly by a German in his 20s , and one is considered favorites to win the tournament
England were Mullered 4-1 by Germany
by Thomas Müllered June 27, 2010
Getting thoroughly beaten in a game and humiliated, especially if it is a world event against England
Checkmate! You got mullered! Fist pump!
by MrAmbulanceDriver June 27, 2010
It can also mean mashed, beaten or broken up.
I mullered the car the other day.

This guy came into the pub and just mullered this other geezer.
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
I've always taken it to mean generally either fucked up or fucked over. It doesn't have to be related to drink or drugs.
Spurs mullered Man City in the first half – it's unbelievable that they still managed to lose.
by Gravy February 05, 2004
A state of high intoxication due to the consumption of drugs
"Damn im mullered"
by Mush-beer July 25, 2003
How one feels after taking a lot of ecstacy and / or amphetamines.
We were all mullered when we got back from Bullet Proof at 7am.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
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