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Maryroses are usually abnormally gorgeous, and very pleasant to be near. They are usually seen in some kind of sport, and happen to be very talented.
Look they're gorgeous, and very pleasant, they must be Maryroses!
by blueeyedcuetay March 14, 2009
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One of the most beautiful, nicest, smart, funny, awesome girls I have met in my entire life. I would be nothing without her. Even if we can't be together her presence is all that I will ever need. The son shines brighter when she is outside and the moon envies her lustrous brilliance. Maryroses are normally descendants of gods.
But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Maryrose is the son.
by qwertyytrewqqwertyytrewq May 15, 2009
Usually gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, etc. Unfourtunatley, shy, but once you get to know her, that WILL change. Very funny, nice, and cute. The perfect girl. ever. Get to know her, you won't be let down. She is also smart; this girl has it all! Gets annoyed when you spell it with a capitol M but a lower case R. It's MaryRose. Get it straight. (:
Maryrose is so gorgeous, I wish I was her!
by AFriendlyLittleAdvice March 14, 2011
Maryroses are often seen with a flute, sometimes running through fields of daisies. Almost never seen without his flute, Maryroses are usually considered insane.

Look, a flute-playing maniac running in a field of daisies! It must be a Maryrose!
Look, a flute-playing maniac running in a field of daisies! It must be a Maryrose!
by BTH August 07, 2006

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