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When a straight man gives another straight man a hand job

only to be done by the best of friends.

only to be done when very lonely and can't get no bitches to do it.

Its not gay
Sean: So you ready to give me that ManJob?
Colin: Yes just close your eyes
Sean: Its not Gay
Colin: I Know
by John Lembo November 10, 2010
When a straight dude gives a straight dude a hand job and the guy getting the hand job closes his eyes and pretends it's a girl.
Kind of like a 'bro-job'
jim: bob, I dare you to give tom a man job.

bob: eww that's disgusting! But I never turn down a dare.

tom:Awwww! yeaaaaaa!

bob: OWWW! not in my eye!
by fuckertheduckerwholikestotruck April 17, 2009
When one person of either sex inserts his or her fingers into a man's anus while manually stimulating his penis at the same time. This act is not to be confused with a reach around or anal sex.
If Clara would just give me a manjob, I would probably marry her.
by Impossibility December 21, 2006
When a male opens the hole of his penis so that another male can stick his penis inside of the hole.
Guy: I am so gay for you right now !

Another Guy: Sweet lets go into the bedroom and ill give you a man job :)
by Olive Handys February 28, 2011
When a straight man offers another straight man a blow job in return for something. Usually in lieu of cash or payment of something.
Guy1- You still got that board?

Guy2- Yea

Guy1- Can I have it?

Guy2- For 65 bucks...

Guy1- How about a manjob?

Guy2- ok
by Slo43 March 09, 2009
A man-on-man blow-job.

(( Generally speaking, it's a heterosexual man-on-man blow-job ))
BOB: Hey, Jim! Let's have a wing-eating contest.

JIM: OK, Bob. What do I get if I win?

BOB: How's 20 bucks sound?

JIM: Sounds GREAT!!? And if I lose?

BOB: You have to give me a man-job?

JIM: NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE? What about the usual reach-around?


by Sally September 14, 2004
when a straight man and another straight man give each other handjobs when not making eye contact
Jarred and I gave each other manjobs yesterday night. Its better than a fleshlight!
by Bshea992 February 10, 2008
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