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Originating from Zoey 101, means awesome, cool, "rad", etc.
Dude, that set of matresses was def drippin'.
by Bshea992 January 26, 2008
when someone becomes overwhelmingly excited about mexicans.
Hey Francine, did you know they opening up the borders?! I'm so mexcited!
by Bshea992 October 14, 2007
a step above haggard where something is too haggard to be called haggard and one has to call it haggid
Branden: Ichabod's treefort was way to haggard yesterday.
Coleman: Tell me about it, haggid.
by Bshea992 January 21, 2008
when a straight man and another straight man give each other handjobs when not making eye contact
Jarred and I gave each other manjobs yesterday night. Its better than a fleshlight!
by Bshea992 February 10, 2008

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