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a name you call someone who is known for pulling some ho shit, is constantly trying to pull some ho shit, and when confronted with any situation will always opt to do some ho ass shit
man that really was some ho shit, dude!

well what do you expect from that hinohoshit?
by johnnyboner August 02, 2009
a name you call someone in front of other people referring to them having an extremely small penis (most commonly used towards someone with a real piss poor attitude giving you the impression that they must just be mad at life because they have an extremely small penis)
johnny: what's up, bambidick?

matt: stop calling me that!

gretchen: who would name their kid bambidick?
by johnnyboner August 02, 2009
derogatory term used to describe someone who looks like they spend alot of time playing with their wang (the hand resembling a broom), a jerkoff
" fuck off wangbroom, i can smell your stinky hands from here"
by johnnyboner July 19, 2009
when someone receives a handjob from a man, sometimes disguised as a woman
he said he got a handjob at a party and then found out it was a guy doing it!

haha so he got a manjob!!!

yeah, i think he knew all along it was a dude!

me too!!!
by johnnyboner August 02, 2009

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