4. It also means for a workplace, or corporation to deal with, take care of, and help those people that they have caused hurt, damage, and/or injury to.

5. It can also refer to respecting someone enough to go talk to them, apologize, do what's right when it is the right time to do so.
4. The opposite would be the company fighting you in court with expensive, fancy lawyers who's sole responsibility is to twist situations/blame and/or to lie for and protect the company or organization that harmed the person(s) sitting at the other side of the table, hurt for the rest of their life. When someone does this all for money; it's NOT manning up - it's the farthest thing from it. It's all about doing the right thing... and this is not it.

5. The boss had no idea who had dinged up the car door. But she went to her boss and told her boss that it was she that accidentally dinged up the new Porsche. She is admirable for (man up) her responsibility, and she gained a lot of credibility with her boss too. She asked for forgiveness, and all is fine & well now between them. I think it may have started a new friendship between them, just because she owned up (man up) to it.
#lead #initiate #hero #cry #weep #duty #scared #anxious #emotional #emotions #fear #consequences #childish #mature #immature #growing up #protect #protection #strength #weakness
by IrishDaddy2U April 11, 2010
adv; mans up, manning up, manned up.

1.To man up: Its time for you to man up for your baby girl.

2.To be manning up: he manned up once he saw the one.

3.To have manned up: he manned up for his son in the past.
1.Did he man-up, or fess-up to his moma!?

2.Today I might be manning-up, for class.
3.Get up to my level of happiness, before you leave.
#man-up #manning up #manned up #mans up #step up #come forward.
by RB. 865. January 25, 2014
Not wanting to do something because you are too tired, scared, lazy, etc... but once you do it, you feel much better about yourself
Josh didn't want to take out the garbage, but once he decided to "man up" and do it, he felt much better about himself because his apartment didn't stink anymore
#will #man #soul #character #attitude
by JoshyWashy March 10, 2012
1. To acknowledge and to take responsibility for your own actions.

2. Don't blame others for your own mistakes, problems, or issues when you know it is your fault and not anyone elses. If it is someone elses fault that you are in a situation or predicament then do the best you can to deal with it.

3. Some people say it means not to cry; that is incorrect. We all have feelings; to deny them is to lie to yourself and others, "MAN UP" and deal with it. If you don't you only cause yourself physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual damage; and you also affect those around you in a negative way as you take it out on them, instead of dealing with it properly. EX: Jesus was a Man among men; he didn't "cry" He "wept tears of blood." He went to the cross, He manned up for things that were not His own.
Even if you are not a Christian/Believer you can surely admit that Jesus was not a wimp, coward, or a liar - He said it, and did it.
1. He did the right thing, he went back and (man up) told his boss the truth and accepted the consequences instead of letting his co-worker take the fall for it.

2. She accepted (man up)responsibility for the accident and told her Mom that she is the one who broke the antique.

3. I felt so sorry for the sobbing man. His immediate family died in a tragic head-on car accident because someone else was drinking and driving. Overall he is dealing with it the best that he can - he is letting it all out (man up), mourning as he should. He sure does have the right to do so.
#lead #initiate #hero #cry #weep #duty #scared #anxious #emotional #emotions #fear #consequences #childish #mature #immature #growing up #protect #protection #strength #weakness
by IrishDaddy2U April 11, 2010
It means act like a man, but in a non-sexist way. It is not meant to be chauvinistic or disparage other groups. Similar phrases would be "be a man," "be a mensch," "be a stand-up guy" or "wake up and accept responsibility for your actions."
Judge Marilyn Milian on THE PEOPLE'S COURT occasionally uses the term "man up" in the way described above, somewhat like an earlier TV instruction of hers to "butch up your act" but not so gay-identified. She has been provoked to the "man up" remark when confronted with such clueless men as the biological father who claimed he 'wanted to be a daddy' when he in fact had not visited his son nor contributed to his support, and the man who consistently maintained he had put only a scratch on plaintiff's car when in fact all the witnesses confirmed and all the photographic evidence showed that he had done considerable damage. It would be absurd for Judge Milian to order a woman to "man up" but she has other, analogous remarks, to make to similarly witless or hypocritical women.
#be a man #act like a man #starch those wrists #responsibility #initiative #forthrightness #be a mensch #be a mensh #step up to the plate #stand-up guy #grown man #act like an adult #wake up #claim the situation #take control
by al-in-chgo February 19, 2010
The process of performing a set of eccentric body motions in order to fend off ill omen
Ty: Oh man Carl she broke that mirror man that's bad luck

Carl: That's bad luck man

Ty: Man we gotta man up dawg

(man up has occured)

Carl: Broke dat Hex
#carl #ty #hex #man #up
by Moobycow June 28, 2009
Don't be a pussy, brave it, be daring.
"Hey man, finish this bowl."
"No dude, I'm baked as it is."
"Come on pussy, man up."
by a dizzle pizzle June 21, 2003
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