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Said when the would be, baller is talking all the shit to get what he/she wants
Another way of being called out after action has been taken.
You want it sucka, it's time to Man up. Request or ask for what you want and see what happens.


Guy: Bro I put $20 on the fact J's bullshittin.

Girl: Yeah he won't do it! Says he's a bad ass baller but won't just go for it. Man up dude.
Guy: Nevermind $20. I put a 50 spot on the fact he pussies out and doesn't do it.
by wolfdog8mynutsDrnsqirl November 25, 2009
a way to send away hexes or to get a faggot to show masculinity
A Rumps...MAN UP.baggaloggadagga dooga dogga logga....HEX BROKE!!!!!!!
by Transworld Surfing for xbox August 15, 2008
Step one: Check if your balls are still attached.
Step two: They are? Good.
Step three: Check again. Odds are you're drunk.
Step four: Still there? Awesome. Then just Do It.
"I dunno, that guy's pretty huge, I think he might even have a hundred pounds on me. Are you sure I can take him?"
"Of course, man. Now, what the hell are you waiting for? Man up, and take that fat bastard Bubba down!"
by Dropkick November 18, 2005
To sqaure up prior to thumpin'
To prepare yourself to encounter your opponent just prior to combatant engagment
A: Sup den ni**a?

B: whatever you might want it to be ni**a

A: man up den

B: you ain tryna see me
by M. Du May 10, 2005
In basket ball: get your man
Your guy is a shooter and he's wide open at the three point line. This is when you man up - play tight defense.
by KRSplat May 19, 2004
1)To not behave like a child and to not behave like a woman.
2)To know what masculinity is and what testosterone does.
3)To be an adult male in the truest sense of his manhood.
1)Dude is a MOMMAS BOY, dude needs to man up.
2)Dude is on estrogen, dude doesnt know how to man up.
3)Dude does not mess around, you better man up.
by Brian E.Nightingale October 13, 2007
Be more brave. Step up.
Talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' dat shit?
Talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' dat shit?
Talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' dat shit?
Talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' talkin' dat shit?
Man up, muthafucka, man up.
by D-Miles September 30, 2006