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One word version of you know. Used alot in e-mail.
Yanno, I really do like to go shopping with my wife.
by SAgent September 30, 2005
139 30
to become intoxicated in a manner such that one starts speaking greek
mike got so yanno last night he kept saying theta.

luke is planning to get yanno off of ouzo.
by yanni the storm December 30, 2012
5 8
An annoying little shit of a cat
Man, I have such a yanno cat! He doesn't stop meowing!
by jjewsRkEWl March 01, 2011
11 22
A term often used by confused hicks and blatent homosexuals to convey the meaning of the English words "You know." Often used in a sentence that is full of baseless insults, and other lies that one may find witty if he/she has an I.Q. less than 15.
Yanno, If I didn't try to insult people all the time for no reason, people might not think Im such a fucking cocksucker.

by Kialya January 24, 2005
41 107
A whiney little bitch
You complain too much, you yanno!
by V2.5 December 03, 2006
16 87