To conduct one's self befitting of a man deserving of a fine piece of trim.
John C and Ralph M watched as a sniveling young punk cry like a school girl while watching his women knob down on another man. John C turned to Ralph M and stated: That mother fucker needs to MAN UP. Derived Mid 1970s NJ.
by questor1 August 06, 2011
The process of performing a set of eccentric body motions in order to fend off ill omen
Ty: Oh man Carl she broke that mirror man that's bad luck

Carl: That's bad luck man

Ty: Man we gotta man up dawg

(man up has occured)

Carl: Broke dat Hex
by Moobycow June 28, 2009
To play man-to-man defense in a basketball game.
Timid Timothy pissed his pants when the coach told him that he'd have to man up against Shaq.
by Nick D May 17, 2004
When a grown man is crying and moaning about something out of his control and someone tells him to knock it off or "man up"
Also see misspelled entry "manup".
Worker 1: Man, i hate diging ditches. Why do we have to do this all the time? This sucks. I need a break. My feet hurt. The boss hates me.
Worker 2: Quit acting like a little girl and "Man up"!
by Chadster October 24, 2003
Derived from the phrase "cowboy up", meaning "be tough, be strong, act like a real cowboy", which was in use in rodeo circles at least since the mid-1970's. "Man up" means, similarly, "be tough, be a man, do what a man should do." Other derivations, such as "woman up", are common.
Stop complainign and man up!
by Aab July 12, 2006
Sticky Fingaz's song that was featured on the video game Def Jam: Fight For New York
That song is Hot New Shit.
by wcgold December 25, 2004
Said when the would be, baller is talking all the shit to get what he/she wants
Another way of being called out after action has been taken.
You want it sucka, it's time to Man up. Request or ask for what you want and see what happens.


Guy: Bro I put $20 on the fact J's bullshittin.

Girl: Yeah he won't do it! Says he's a bad ass baller but won't just go for it. Man up dude.
Guy: Nevermind $20. I put a 50 spot on the fact he pussies out and doesn't do it.
by wolfdog8mynutsDrnsqirl November 25, 2009

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