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4 definitions by TronX

not being a pussy about something
hey ryan, how about you get off the floor and man up? or i could just hold your purse for you...
by TronX February 24, 2004
To bail out of a bad situation before things get even worse. From the dictionary definition to sink one's own ship.
"That ugly chick you were being nice to thinks you want her. You better go over there and scuttle now before you get too drunk to know better."
by TronX January 12, 2008
The white coat that physicians wear.
"No way, he's just a cracker jacket quack. He tried to use some voodoo magic medicine on me."
by TronX January 12, 2008
A nickname for a female's genitalia. Specifically, a Jewish "Taco".
Joe: Hey Jeff, did you get to see the Jaco last night?
Jeff: Naw, she was all uptight and kept talking about money.
by TronX November 25, 2006