Usually given to a stuck up, selfish, slutty bitch who changed their original name because they thought this one was prettier when it is in fact hideous. and sleeps around to feel that her overweight self can still get some action.
Also a name given to an over-wheight female who's temper rises when she doesn't get her way. Then proceeds to believe she has gotten her way by telling herself she won or severely beaten someone when she only got one measley hit in.

And lastly, the name of a female who when loses something she didn't want in the first place grows jealous and proceeds to lie about whatever she can to make her feel better...these lies consist of fake STD's and downplaying a penis.

The name of a slut.
#1: Didn't she change her name?
#2: Yeah, that cow's name is Magdelina


#1: That girls a total Magdelina...
#2: I heard she got the clap...
by IwinBitch November 29, 2009

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