a madi is usually a girl (maybe a boy) who you do not want to get on your bad side. madis usually are munipulative bitches and snakey friends. she will try to outsmart you in all ways possible with out looking mean. madis usually are in it only for them selves and they flaunt when something good has happened and rub it in your face. your peers will not see whats happening because madis usually try to make it seem like youre the bad guy. and they deny even the nicest guys flat out.
john: "hey man, madi was being such a bitch today"
steven: "dude she is so nice to me!!"
john: "you wouldnt understand"
next day:
steven: " DUDE! madis a bitch!! i hungout with her yesterday and she totally recked it!"
john: "what did i tell you? shes such a whore..."
steven: "yeahh she needs to get a life."

john: " shes a backstabbing ho. nobody likes her. and nobody will."
steven: "spoken like a true brother, man"
by rikki__ tikki __tavi BEASTTT(; April 01, 2010
Top Definition
The most amazing person you could ever meet. Very beautiful. A Madi sometimes finds herself in trouble, but finds her way out using her awesome personaloty. A really amazing friend. If you meet a Madi, your sure to love her.
Madi I love you!
by Zebraxlove April 05, 2009
An undefinable girl and in some strange cases a guy. Madi's are not easy to find. If you ever meet a Madi you should immediatley go into the fetal position and hope to god the true fantasticness of this girl (boy sometimes) will shine down on you like the rays of the sun.
Frank: Hey what happened to you yesterday?
Bill: I saw a Madi.
Frank: and you didnt show up to be the best man at my wedding cause you saw a Madi?
Bill: Yes exactly
Frank: Thats horrible I don't understand how all you did yesterday was stare at a girl.
Bill: You have obviously never seen one before...
by Johnny the Atrocious May 06, 2007
A girl that is usually overlooked. She has self confidence issues making her very shy, but she tries to venture outside her shell. Is admired by many, but is completely oblivious to it. Is the most loyal companion you will ever have and makes the perfect girl friend. Most attractive thing about a Madi is that she is gorgeous and doesn't even know it.
"Wow, she's pretty!"
"Well yeah, she's a Madi."
by TeamMadi March 31, 2010
Madi's are often bubbly and out going. They like to speak their mind, and won't take shit from anyone.

Madi's often find themselves in sticky situations with boys, and they love committed relationships, although they often pick the wrong choices for love.

A Madi is a deep thinking, gorgeous and entertaining person, that needs a lot of love and affection.

They are very trust worthy and loyal to all loved ones, and can be an amazing friend to have because they fight for what is write.
Dave : Wow, look at that girl. She stands out from the crowd!
Tarn : That's because she's a Madi, nobody else is like her.
by tobecontinued. January 18, 2011
One of the nicest people you will ever meet. Nice to everyone, beautiful smile, nice boobs, good at surfing, and a great friend.
Woah, she's so lucky to have a Madi as a best friend!
by Andi Flops January 10, 2010
Madi: Mostly a girl, occasionally a guy... Or a girl in disguise, up to you, really. Not really one to mess and refuses to follow the rules... But can be a real bitch. If you see a Madi, you go 'Oh holy shit, you'd better hope she likes you.'
And then run if she doesn't.
Jake: Jeez, that girl's sexy.
Dave: Watch out, she looks like a Madi.
Jake: But DUDE!
Dave: Mate... She's a Madi
Jake: ... Oh.
by Hacky Sack United. August 11, 2008
Madi... a Person who loves life. Who is greatful for much. A person who does not like taking from others. A person.... a awesome, cool,funny,weird, nice person.

" A Madi" is something to love, and befriend.
Heyy look!
Over there! Theres a Madi!
Wow! I wanna be her friend!
Ohh you sure do! Shes Awesome!
by abcedefghijklmnopqrustuwxyz November 29, 2010
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