Beautifull, inside and out, lovable, Artistic, She wont throw out annything, instead she will turn it into a piece of art, and the best friend anny one could ever have. She will cheer you up, make you laugh till you pee your pants then make you laugh about that. She is the funniest person I know. She is less than nintey pounds but can scarf down pop corn like no ones bisiness. She dreams of being an arcitect and I think she can do it. She fantasizes about singing opera, I really don't know about that one. She won't sing Opera for me. She writes great storys but always delets them.
I hung out with madi the other day. We ate popcorn and she made me wet myself.
by Stella Bonqueque July 21, 2011
The girl i love, she is the most amazing girl in the world love you Madi <3
Jake loves Madi
by Hylianloachpoacher May 26, 2012
The most beautiful,gorgeous, adorable, perfect sexy girl you could ever meet.
Emily saw Madi and couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked.
by poprockpineapple April 20, 2015
Usually tall, blonde, and a white Beyonce
Madi could sing like an angel.
by imalwaysrightdontquestionme January 07, 2015
Madi- animal activists, dumb, brunette, pretty with cake on her face and can't control her use of mouth.
Shes the type of person who's popular for the wrong reasons.
She attracts the male species and some females but that's about it.
She has no appreciation for her small brain and in middle school I wanted to destroy her.
"Uhh stop being a Madi, no one likes a Madi" ~ U.S.A

Mady Rude Rude
by Slothsaremykindofpeople October 13, 2015
Monkey Anti-perspirant Deordorant Inc. (MADI) I am not joking! Go to and see for yourself!
Monkey: Dude, I've got major B.O.
You: Here try some MADI! "We're the reason people no longer say 'I was sweating like an ape!'"
by Sorry if ur name's Madi March 25, 2011
Sexi hottie taken n, make your not single pepepe go ding ding dong
madi o' rouke
by nsievert April 15, 2009

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