An annoying ass girl who eats chips loudly and never shuts the fuck up. Little fucking bitches omg
"Omg she's being such a madi right now "
by Madi holewa May 30, 2016
Monkey Anti-perspirant Deordorant Inc. (MADI) I am not joking! Go to and see for yourself!
Monkey: Dude, I've got major B.O.
You: Here try some MADI! "We're the reason people no longer say 'I was sweating like an ape!'"
by Sorry if ur name's Madi March 25, 2011
Madi- animal activists, dumb, brunette, pretty with cake on her face and can't control her use of mouth.
Shes the type of person who's popular for the wrong reasons.
She attracts the male species and some females but that's about it.
She has no appreciation for her small brain and in middle school I wanted to destroy her.
"Uhh stop being a Madi, no one likes a Madi" ~ U.S.A

Mady Rude Rude
by Slothsaremykindofpeople October 13, 2015
A Madi Monster is a she-beast from a distant galaxy. She preys on small woodland creatures. This creature may seem intimidating or timid but is actually quite sociable (depending on the phase of the moon). If a person comes into contact with a Madi, when she is rabid, it is important to do the following: through a tub of mint icecream at her feet, drop into the fetal position immediately after the tossing of the icecream, and read a magazine.

I was hiking when I saw a Madi grazing.
by Gnomielicious April 02, 2009
A Madi is someone who reads urban dictionary way too much and finds the meanings to dirty dirty phrases! get off urban dictionary you!
"oh man, don't be a Madi, go on youtube instead"
by Hans Moleman the third December 12, 2008
The fan shipping nickname of "Cindy Mackenzie" and Dick Casablancas" off the CW's "Veronica Mars"

Their first names combined as a shipping nickname - "MAc" and "DIck" AKA "MaDi".
YOU: "What ship do you support on Veronica Mars?"
ME : *GRINS* "LoVe and MaDi!"
by Lisa Parnell February 08, 2009
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