A Madi is someone who reads urban dictionary way too much and finds the meanings to dirty dirty phrases! get off urban dictionary you!
"oh man, don't be a Madi, go on youtube instead"
by Hans Moleman the third December 12, 2008
The fan shipping nickname of "Cindy Mackenzie" and Dick Casablancas" off the CW's "Veronica Mars"

Their first names combined as a shipping nickname - "MAc" and "DIck" AKA "MaDi".
YOU: "What ship do you support on Veronica Mars?"
ME : *GRINS* "LoVe and MaDi!"
by Lisa Parnell February 08, 2009
a total wana be scene kid. poser. over-reacts to things. mighty fine but annoying as hell. people pretend to be her friend soo that shes not depressed. madis like short hair cuts for them. and the like to wear rockband shirts and sceane or gothic outfits. again madis are posers i would stay away from them
that girl is such a madi.


shes such a wana be
by bitches you know it! August 16, 2010
loves to suck balls. big hairy balls. on boys with ripped bodies. she got a donk and loves CRACK. legit. creeper for life. madison is also a gay boys name. who resides in disney. madi also has a huge fetish with lotion and victorias secret.
ew i can see that girls sparkly thong on her donk from miles away. it must be a madi.
by gingerspice777 December 31, 2009
a madi is usually a girl (maybe a boy) who you do not want to get on your bad side. madis usually are munipulative bitches and snakey friends. she will try to outsmart you in all ways possible with out looking mean. madis usually are in it only for them selves and they flaunt when something good has happened and rub it in your face. your peers will not see whats happening because madis usually try to make it seem like youre the bad guy. and they deny even the nicest guys flat out.
john: "hey man, madi was being such a bitch today"
steven: "dude she is so nice to me!!"
john: "you wouldnt understand"
next day:
steven: " DUDE! madis a bitch!! i hungout with her yesterday and she totally recked it!"
john: "what did i tell you? shes such a whore..."
steven: "yeahh she needs to get a life."

john: " shes a backstabbing ho. nobody likes her. and nobody will."
steven: "spoken like a true brother, man"
by rikki__ tikki __tavi BEASTTT(; April 01, 2010
The most ugliest person you will ever meet in your entire life.
Fat asses, obese, girl who walks like a man, white trash with no ass, annoying, wannabe, somebody who thinks they are popular, and that guys like them but in reality them boys don't even know her, desperate, any kind of person you will hate. HELL NAHH SHE IS NOT SEXY.
Woah, look at that fatty! must be a Madi
dayumm she so ugly that MUST be Madi
ewww, that is SO Madi
woah there she is FINE! she is definetly NOT a Madi
by ookieILUVIT May 12, 2009

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