MSN stands for "My Stupid Neighbour". My Stupid Neighbour, puts you in contact with that stupid bitch next door through the interwebs. AH THE SWEET AGONY!

My Stupid Neighbour was spawned onto the world by the evil Microsoft Labs. Microsoft Labs is famous for creating My Stupid Neighbour(TM), Turd, Failure, of course we can't forget Interweb Stalker 5.0. Everyone loves Interweb Stalker 5.0!
"OMFG, MSN is so annoying, but I can't stop using her!"
"MSN is the most shittiest program ever, though it is not as shitty at the other ones and that's sort of sad"
"MSN gave me a worm and that worm got me pregnant"
by clueless_furball December 21, 2006
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An internet service, MSN *does* stand for Microsoft Network, Wikipedia it...

95% of n00bs and teenagers use the acronym MSN referring to MSN Messenger, which is not only incorrect, but heavily annoys some people (myself included). If anyone ever uses this in anything sent to you, make sure you correct them.
OMG are you going on MSN tonight?
by 168pin October 31, 2005
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Acronym for MicroSoft Network, a Microsoft service with E-Mail, IM and a web browser. You are registered with an E-Mail adress that ends with hotmail.com or msn.com.
N00B_1: msn is crap
N00B_2: yeah its stupid
N00B_3: agreed
Fizzard_the_Fly: You don't know what you're talking about!
by Fizzard the Fly January 07, 2005
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A chat site where ginnie pigs are glue to the pc for hours and hours on end.
Do i need to say anymore?
by Lee Bryan March 08, 2005
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i shitty internet service company which has shitty technical support when you call you get nothing not even a hand job.....
i hate msn technical support they were absolutely no fucking help....
by rachel teel March 09, 2003
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Msn stands for Microsoft Network, but some believe it stands for Microsoft Service Network. It is basically like chat where you email really quickly and efficiently. You can add contacts (your friends who you chat to) and make up your own name, that could describe your personality, talk about your friends or say how much you love your boyfriend. You can also get display pictures which show up to other people and also describe what you're thinking or what kind of person you are and are usually comical. The latest type of MSN has functions where you can "handwrite" a message, draw pictures, play games with other people and a function where people can see what you're listening to. You can block people who aren't your friends, add those that are and even have your own special msn page with pictures on it! A place where you can meet new people and friendships are formed!
People on msn like to talk in text speak to get what they want to say across quickly. eg; wuu2? =meaning what are you up to?
Aimee loves Matty: Hey r u ok?
Depressed Punk--hate life: yh fanx wuu2?
Aimee loves Matty: Nice display piccie!
Depressed Punk--hate life: its of my cat Whisper eating dinner.
Aimee loves Matty: I luv msn
Depressed Punk--hate life: yh i can see what you're listening 2.
Aimee loves Matty: i love dis band.
by drpecki December 24, 2006
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To sexually harrass someone on a messenger program.
If you don't stop fucking MSNing me I'll tell the cops!
by k9norn November 11, 2003
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