Acronym: Men Sitting Naked. Commonly, it seems, males and females alike may imply that they want to "get on" men sitting naked.
"Wanna go on MSN?"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
a program which used to be good for talking to people you are close to but now used as a massive chav tool by chavs who go online whth such screen names as "my gangsta kuzn" or "(insert name here)ere, luvin ?????? 4 lyf"
lets go on msn coz were bored and dont have a lyf
Well where to start..... Msn is a gigantic piece of shit used by 12 year olds to talk to girls older than them, but only to find out they've been talkin dirty to a man fatter than santa himself and harrier than beaver. Most kids spend their time talking in c007 language which takes 987 secs for an avg person to decipher and decrypt but only one sec for this dick head l33t speakers who wanna take the time CAPATLIZING and unCAPITLIZNG every fucking word so it looks like aPoLlOs chariot at busch gardens. Its also a great way to ask girls out online (seeing as how if one of these faggets have the balls to talk to one) but are only to be shot down and rejected because their balls haven't dropped far enough to hit their thighs.
MiniDick 569: Yo U WaNnA g0 0uT 50m3T1m3?
rose: Wtf did you just type?


tinytim69: Hey u wanna talk dirty?
notaguy: Yeah... I unzip my pants revealing my one inch boner covered in smooth peanutbutter
tinytim69: FRO RRLY?
by DemHandz May 13, 2008
MSN stands for "My Stupid Neighbour". My Stupid Neighbour, puts you in contact with that stupid bitch next door through the interwebs. AH THE SWEET AGONY!

My Stupid Neighbour was spawned onto the world by the evil Microsoft Labs. Microsoft Labs is famous for creating My Stupid Neighbour(TM), Turd, Failure, of course we can't forget Interweb Stalker 5.0. Everyone loves Interweb Stalker 5.0!
"OMFG, MSN is so annoying, but I can't stop using her!"
"MSN is the most shittiest program ever, though it is not as shitty at the other ones and that's sort of sad"
"MSN gave me a worm and that worm got me pregnant"
by clueless_furball December 21, 2006
1. MSN is short for "The Microsoft Network".

2. Generally, the term MSN is used to refer to MSN Messenger; a messaging service that is more important to teenagers than any other form of communication.
1. Man, you're so dumb, MSN does not stand for Microsoft Service Network.

2. "Dude, did you get that chicks phone number?", "Even better, I got her MSN ;)"
by JonnyG February 14, 2006
MSN stands for the MicroSoft Network most people use it for the MSN Messenger
Fred: Hi, you goin on MSN?
Bob: Yeah, when I get home
by danspy1994 August 15, 2008
'M'icro'S'oft 'N'etwork.

But it's commonly referred to as the Instant Messenging client.
MSN is the best IM, IMO. Alot better than AIM and YIM, and I've had both, and they suck, reinstalled them a few months ago.

MSN looks alot better, better and easier to use, isn't as dull, etc.
MSN is the most popular IM client.
Why does all the American kids use AIM?
by Mr.DeepthroatDatX March 08, 2008
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