To sexually harrass someone on a messenger program.
If you don't stop fucking MSNing me I'll tell the cops!
by k9norn November 11, 2003
An OK ISP without the crap AOL gives you, but the technical support sucks, and isn't as good as Earthlink
I tried to get help from MSN's Tech Support but they just told me to restart the computer.
by Master stghm April 07, 2004
An internet service, MSN *does* stand for Microsoft Network, Wikipedia it...

95% of n00bs and teenagers use the acronym MSN referring to MSN Messenger, which is not only incorrect, but heavily annoys some people (myself included). If anyone ever uses this in anything sent to you, make sure you correct them.
OMG are you going on MSN tonight?
by 168pin October 31, 2005
Acronym for MicroSoft Network, a Microsoft service with E-Mail, IM and a web browser. You are registered with an E-Mail adress that ends with or
N00B_1: msn is crap
N00B_2: yeah its stupid
N00B_3: agreed
Fizzard_the_Fly: You don't know what you're talking about!
by Fizzard the Fly January 07, 2005
addictive program used to communicate with people you like and dislike, often consisting of stir frys and soup pots which provides no use but some temporary enertainment from a boring life of dieting and working, and somehow is the thing you most look forward to once home from school except for listening to reel big fish
so i said to the guy 'red mnm, green mnm, they all wind up the same colour in the end'
by Jizzles March 16, 2003
Some stupid thing that people go onto to take time out of their dull, lifeless lives.....something with emoticons, and something to use to talk to your best friends girlfriend, making her feel jealous, because she lives in a different time zone....mwahahaha
Stupid butterfly wont FLAP!!!! Msn, help me puh-leaze....
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
there must be a lot of noobs here.
MSN Stands for MicroSoft Network.
MSN doesn't connect
Microsoft Network doesn't connect
by nexus450 April 17, 2006
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