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LOL a verb used for ppl talking on msn
he's fucking his girlfriend while msning
by qqmaN October 29, 2004
Msning is linked to msn messenger.
If someone asks you what you are doing and you are talking to a friend on msn messenger then you are msning
by Natalie August 08, 2004
to engage in conversation via msn.
soto loves msning with kylie
kylie loves msning with soto
by kyliiiiiiiiiie ;] November 08, 2008
ONline on msn and chatting with other peoples.

-- Bussy talkign to peoples.
-- Just acting cool buy staying on msn.
Retard (hmwrk)says: Hey jen
Jen- last night was great says: Fuck off im MSNing right now
Retard (buying a gun): ok fine..
by Jet November 16, 2005
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