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Nothing more than an .exe program, which is a windows executable file.
.exe program, having nothing to do with hacking, or virtual drugs like some of the retards on here seem to think...
by Palm3R August 28, 2008
stupid slutty whore, that you broke up with cause she had herpes HIV AIDS ect ect~the names usually end in ex~beware~ she loves to have sex with anyone and everyone
Eeeeewww!!! The girl I banged is an eXe??
by Adelia June 11, 2008
exe is a type of virtual weed or drug "programmed" for your computer which takes the place of a simple downloadable file. Like actual drugs in the "real" world, they can cause severe damage to your "hard drive". See virus
I gotta take my machine to the electronics store. My mom caught me smoking some exe!

Looks like that file is sellin some exe.
by Argosk November 08, 2006
a Hacker
involved in the Spyro incident at Gfaqs
KOSed from Gfaqs
wanders spinoff board
I can't believe you lost your account like that. I'd be mad EXE stole my account if I were you.
by THE SEX GOD February 21, 2003
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