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Multiple POSitions available during time spent with an escort.
"I got MPOS with her, cowgirl & doggie."
by Dyvine July 22, 2006
Multiple Positions Oral Sex
MPOS = on her knees, face fucking, cock in mouth, balls on chin, balls on nose, her head hanging off bed upside down and him face fucking her mouth, etc.
by DudePiston June 09, 2012
Abbreviation for "My Personal Opinion".
I don't really like cloudy days.. mpo.
by SKayDee June 06, 2014
Acronym for Meaty Professor O' Staxx - A musician who started his career in Colchester, CT, USA. The musician known as MPOS found fame locally in 2007 with his first hit, "Yo." His presence slowly began to grow as time passed.

Meaty Professor O' Staxx has been known to use FL Studio to produce his music. He occasionally samples himself playing live instruments. Genres he is most widely known for is house, techno, pseudo-dubstep, and hip hop.

MPOS usually works alone, however has been known to collaborate in the past. The hit song entitled "Getaway" was co-produced with Freddie Q. (a.k.a. DJ FQ). Sources indicate the song's name was chosen because of its action-movie style sound.

"Beret" is another popular song made by MPOS. In an interview, he describes the title as a "word play homonym for Bach's Bouree, which is the main melody." He goes on to note how the vocals were masterfully obtained from FL Studio's samples archive. He also mentioned in the interview that the guitar part was played, "note for note", live. This was because, he says, "I only knew how to play it on guitar."

MPOS has officially released around a dozen songs as of the time of writing. One source estimates there are many other songs that were never officially released and are "probably on some hard drive somewhere." Although currently inactive, fans are hopeful he will soon return to enrich the music industry once again with his characteristically "phat" beats, bright leads, and motivational lyrics.
It's incredible how MPOS made such a phat song using a chorus composed entirely of one word!
by apm963 March 11, 2013
Generally stands for 'Miserable Piece Of Shit'
It is commonly used to illustrate lack of the usability.
I really tried it out but that MPOS didn't work!
by Caapo February 21, 2006

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