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This is a conition where a male balls rest on the chin of a female while, the shaft is inserted into the oral region either by force or the craving of some little pirate hooker.
Girl: hey if there is balls on a wall are they walnuts?
Guy: yes dear they are!

Girl: well if there is nuts on my chest are they chesnuts?
Guys yes dear they are!

Girl:Well if there are balls on chin are they chinnuts?
by 3117 September 18, 2006
A phrase to express major disappointment or being owned or making a glaring error.

The phrase is often accompanied by a gesture simulating said balls.
A: <fucks up>
B: Balls on chin. <gesture>
A: Yes, balls on chin. <returns gesture>
by CellBlock September 16, 2004
1) A completely childish derogatory comment towards another, proclaiming that the individual possesses a scrotum complete with pubes, hanging from his / her chin.

2) A completely accurate comment towards another, if that person actually does possess a scrotum hanging from his / her chin.

3) A game played in prison by your cell mate, when he's not jerking off over pictures of Clysdales or arguing with his imaginary friend Jerome.
George: Fuck, here comes Jon, that balls-on-chin...
Andrew: I thought I smelled something

Doctor: I'm very sorry Mr Buffington, you appear to have a severe case of accute balls-on-chin.

"...And your cellmate makes you play a game called balls-on-chin...And what happens next is all a blur, but you remember "fist" can be a verb..."
by Digital_Messiah October 06, 2004
Besides the other defeinitions a game which is played by taking two fingers and tapping another on the chin, also referred to as balls for short
*taps chin with fingers*


Other Person : AHHH
by Conky_S_56 December 27, 2005
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