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To have sex with a girl who's on all fours.
She had the greatest ass; I could have doggied with her all day long.
by Sean Brian Kirby May 03, 2005
mans best friend
I love my doggie
by Jeff November 28, 2003
Sexual position. Simpler form of doggie style.
I did her the only way I know how, doggie.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
It Means Homie
Whats really good Doggie
by L'z November 10, 2003
variation: doggy native Bahamian colloquial term possibly derived from the 'doggy style' sex position.

penis, male sexual organ
"bey, his doggie is quite large"
by Mz.BomBaStiC November 11, 2005
a member of the US Army
The doggies left the bar after the Marines started showing up.
by John MacAyeal September 13, 2003
can be used in place of a person's name; sometimes used as a greeting
Doggie what's goin on??
by Chwd1013 October 07, 2003