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To have sex with a girl who's on all fours.
She had the greatest ass; I could have doggied with her all day long.
by Sean Brian Kirby May 03, 2005
291 143
mans best friend
I love my doggie
by Jeff November 28, 2003
267 153
Sexual position. Simpler form of doggie style.
I did her the only way I know how, doggie.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
105 67
It Means Homie
Whats really good Doggie
by L'z November 10, 2003
112 97
variation: doggy native Bahamian colloquial term possibly derived from the 'doggy style' sex position.

penis, male sexual organ
"bey, his doggie is quite large"
by Mz.BomBaStiC November 11, 2005
43 47
can be used in place of a person's name; sometimes used as a greeting
Doggie what's goin on??
by Chwd1013 October 07, 2003
46 51
a member of the US Army
The doggies left the bar after the Marines started showing up.
by John MacAyeal September 13, 2003
48 57