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"Fuck you"

The phonetic sound of the "F" coupled with the name of the letter "Q".
OMFG. You just ninja'd my boots of sneaking! FQ!
by mrright June 28, 2006
Force Quit, usually in mac computers when the application freezes not responding.
Hold on, I have to FQ this app because it wasn't responding
by xtedx July 19, 2015
One's 'Fuckability Quotient' is a value which represents their fuckability; the value that describes how willing others would be to have sex with them.

Note: Ones FQ does not necessarily correlate to ones general attractiveness or physical assets.

Low FQ: Others are generally not willing to have sex with this individual.

High FQ: Others are generally willing to have sex with this individual.
Jessica Simpson sure is dumb, but she has a very high FQ.

How is Ellen Page able to maintain such a high FQ when she has no chest or ass?
by IronMan_ June 25, 2008
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