LOST is a popular show hosted on ABC. The reason it is so great is the script, location, crew, cast, sensibility, and ethics according to Michael Emerson, part of the cast.
LOST is full of action, romance, comedy and suspence. You'll find yourself screaming one moment, squealing with delight another, laughing, then crying either out of sadness, joy, or frustration.
It is the most confusing and frustrating shows in the USA, which makes you want to watch it even more. Soon enough, you will become obsessed either with one of the characters, the show itself, or solving the mysteries of this wonderful Sci-Fi show. You'll find your self watching LOST on YouTube constantly, then looking at the clock saying, "Has it really been four hours? Really?"
People who hate it either haven't watched it, are in the peer pressure stage, or live under a rock.
If you don't know about this show, I reccomend you stop reading this and go to the LOST website and start watching Season One.
On the count to Boone.
1, 2, 3, 4, Boone, now, GO watch some LOST!
Tommy ("A" Camera Operator for LOST): Michael?

Michael Emerson (Ben Linusof LOST):
Yes, Tommy?

Tommy: What makes LOST different from other shows?

Michael Emerson: *counting on fingers* Script, location, crew, cast, sensibility, ethics. Tommy, what makes LOST different from other shows?

Tommy: *shrugs* Its good.

Michael and Tommy: *laughs*
by [Beatrice] April 04, 2009
Top Definition
The greatest show on ABC!
Did you watch Lost last Wednesday?
by Heather February 20, 2005
The fucking greatest show on television. If you don't watch it then you're a stupid priss.
Person 1: Did you see LOST last wednesday night on ABC?
Person 2: Hell yeah! Only prisses don't watch that show.
by whoa April 22, 2005
The name of a popular television program on the ABC channel in early 2005. Follows a group of people who survived a plane crash while flying on an Oceanic Airlines flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles. They try to survive on the island and encounter lots of odd things, including an invisible monster that may be able to communicate with the survivors, polar bears, a crazy woman who was part of a resarch team that was slaughtered on the island, a mysterious "black rock", strange voices, and more. The survivors also have to deal with problems faced within their camp, including the well-being of a woman who is pregnant, the hidden motives of a man named John Locke, and the communication barrer that exists between the survivors and a Korean couple who can't speak English. The show currently airs Wednesday at 9:00 EST on the ABC network.
John Locke: "You see this little hole? This moth's just about to emerge. It's in there right now, sturggling. It's digging it's way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it - take my knife, gently widen the opening, and the moth would be free - but it would be too weak to survive. Struggle is nature's way of strengthening it."
by crazyrabbits May 06, 2005
1. One of 2 new shows that has dragged ABC out of the gutter (the other one being Desperate Housewives) to become one of the most promising channels on network TV. It's about a group of plane crash survivors on a deserted island, and nobody is who they seem to be. Oh, and there's a 30-foot monster and a psycho French chick roaming the island too.

2. When you have no idea where the fuck you are.
1. There are numerous conspiracy theroies about the characters on Lost.

2. Never get lost in the streets of Camden, NJ at night with white skin, a fancy car, and no firearms.
by Kevin March 11, 2005
The best fricken show that has ever aired on television.........if u haven't watched it u better start....IT THE BEST SHOW!!!!
LOST is the best show on t.v.!
by Ben April 26, 2005
The freaking kickinest show on TV ever made. With an awesome cast. Basically, everyone and their dog (and/or cat) need to watch it.
1. Girl 1: Did you catch that episode of LOST last night?
Girl 2: Heck yes I did! That Charlie is so, HOT!

2. Guy 1: Did you catch that episode of LOST last night?
Guy 2: SWEET ACTION!!!!!
by Moralqua July 13, 2005
the program where about 40 people are on an insane island filled with random animals and a place called the black rock which is actually a pirate ship. Its very random but is still very good.
I'm going to watch LOST
screw runescape I'm gonna watch LOST
by -Kaleb- January 07, 2006
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